Yingjie Chen

Hi, this is me!

My name is Yingjie Chen. I am sure you can read my family name easily, which sounds like "Chan", and the First name is the confusing part, it is Chinese and pronounced like "In-Jay". I am a second year graduate student in 3D Design major, which mainly focuses on furniture and product design, at the University of Iowa. I have a strong eagerness to learn and a great enthusiasm for my profession. I am a creative team player with a structured approach driven towards results.



Group Show:

Winner - 2015 SOFA Exhibition in Chicago

Best School -  2015 ICFF Exhibition in New York

Winner - 2015 SOFA Exhibition in Chicago

Individual Award:

Bronze Award - A Design Award, Italy

Winner - the 9th "Ford Company" Concept Car Design Competition

Second prize -  Chinese Industrial Design Graduate Graduation Design Competition

Graduate with Honors from Changzhou Institute of Technology


Yingjie Chen CV